Our Services

10th Grade

  •  Regular individual advising    appointments
  •  College planning [academic, extracurricular, developmental]
  • Progress monitoring, coaching, advocacy, problem solving
  • Online & text student support
  • Academic pattern review & recommendations
  • College major interest assessment
  • Personality preference assessment
  • Values clarification
  • Career research
  • College(s) / major research
  • Extracurricular & summer planning / application
  • Internships / Special Project application assistance
  • College visit / tour planning assistance
  • Access to College Start research resources 

11th Grade

  •  Regular Individual advising appointments 
  •  College planning [academic, extracurricular, developmental]
  • Progress monitoring, coaching, advocacy, problem solving
  • Testing strategy & planning
  • Online & text support
  • Preliminary college & major list developed
  • Career research
  • Individualized college / major research
  • College Application planning & development
  • Extracurricular planning & support
  • Internships / Special Project application assistance
  • College visit / tour assisstance
  • Access to College Start research resources

12th Grade

  • Regular ndividual advising appointments 
  • Senior year course planning
  • Final college & major list
  • Progress monitoring, coaching, advocacy, problem solving
  • Application assistance CSU, UC, up to 8 additional universities
  • College essay writing development / college interview prep - summer workshops
  • Assistance with financial aid application process & timeline
  • College visit / tour assisstance
  • Access to College Start research resources

Sophomores & Juniors

College Application Prep / Advising


Preparing for college applications is in part, project management of many moving parts over an 18-24 month period. What math pattern?  Which AP classes?  Do I need a tutor? How to choose strong community service or other extracurricular activities?  What about summer experiences?  What can I do if I have a problem?


Your College Start advisor / coach is available throughout this time to help you build your college profile day by day through high school.


The summer before senior year, we start preparing for the submission of college applications.  Final college choices are considered together, based on your real time student profile and college admission demographics; multiple application requirements / timelines are outlined; all of your most current information is organized and readied for input; and essays and personal statements are drafted.  


Your College Start advisor / coach assists you with all aspects of the application process until the final applications are vetted and ready to send.


College and Career Profile

College prep includes your K-12 academic history, extracurricular activities, personal experiences, personality preferences, skills, and passions (both discovered and undiscovered).


So that’s where we start. We listen carefully. We fully answer your questions. It’s important to get a true understanding of your current and future aspirations, interests, and ideas.


We ask you to spend a few hours with us to complete a series of short assessments and informal interviews.  We use all this information to develop your College and Career Profile.


Our personal information integrates your personality preferences, career interests, and personal values with compatible courses of study; college major options; degree programs: suggested colleges; career forecasting and more.  Together, we review and validate the information to assure that we’re all on the right track.


Your personal CPP is used as a guide to make informed, accurate, timely, and personalized college and career decisions which have been researched and organized for you.


No random picks; no just going along to get along, and no “Yikes, what have I done moments”


Application season kicks off in the summer of senior year and ends in January or February for most students.  Fall is a busy time between completions of the application process, managing senior coursework, and taking the last set of ACT/SAT tests before submitting applications.


Your College Start advisor / coach is right there throughout the process to be sure you have the support you need during this time.  By spring of senior year, you will evaluate the offers of admission and possible financial packages offered by your colleges.


The process of choosing a college should begin by examining all the facts you have available.  Your College Start advisor assists in organizing and thoroughly considering options so that you can make the most informed and appropriate choice.


College Start advisors/coaches can also make recommendations for first semester class schedules and specific student services on your campus.

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