Just the Beginning

Receiving acceptance letters from  your colleges of choice is an important goal shared by the student, parents, and your College Start advisor from the very beginning.  We are proud to list the accomplishments of our students in that regard below.


That said, there are there are other important results that come out of the process we are proud of too.


These are optimized choices of both colleges and majors, less stress for everyone, fewer oversights, missed deadlines, and improved financial decision making to name just a few.

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!"

Boston University


Brown University


Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


Carnegie Mellon


Claremont McKenna


Colegate University


College of the Mines


Cornell University





Harvard University


Harvey Mudd


New York University


Pennsylvania State





Princeton University


Reed College


Seattle University


Stanford University


Tufts University


UC Berkeley


UC Davis


UC Irvine


UC Los Angles

UC San Diego


UC Santa Barbara


UC Santa Cruz


University of Maryland


University of Oregon


University of Washington


Wesleyan University


Wheaton College

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